State Contract Manufacturing’s Capabilities

State Contract Manufacturing has many capabilities in the private label and contract manufacturing arenas.  We help you create success through our strong commitment to quality and sustainability, our chemical mixing and packaging capabilities, as well as our infrastructure services.

Manufacturing Capabilities | State Contract Manufacturing State Contract Manufacturing’s commitment to quality and sustainability help set you up for success.  We hold and maintain ISO’s 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 certifications for quality assurance and environmental responsibility, respectively.  We also utilize a reverse osmosis purified water system to ensure consistency and quality in our manufacturing processes.  Additionally, State Contract Manufacturing is skilled and experienced in manufacturing in accordance with the United States EPA’s Design for the Environment, Green SealTM, EcoLogo®, and Kosher specifications.

Our location in Hebron, OH, provides us an excellent logistical advantage in terms of shipping and distribution for our contract chemical customers.  In addition to our location, we also have excellent terms with the major shipping companies and have negotiated discounted rates with UPS, FedEx, Conway and many other reputable carriers, including air and container shipping for international needs.Chemical Blending | State Contract Manufacturing

Currently, we have the capabilities to assist customers with blending and mixing chemicals, liquid blending with jacketed tanks from 200 to 12,000 gallons, dry powder blending, solids blending, large or small production runs, and pilot batching.  In terms of primary and secondary packaging, we can assist our customers with bottle filling, pail filling, drum filling, bulk tank truck filling, rail car filling, bag-in-box filling, trans-loading services, as well as kitting and assembly.

Internally, we can assist our customers by providing expertise on formulation development.  State Contract Manufacturing’s in-house expertise is primarily on industrial and institutional cleaning chemicals, EPA registered products, wax formulations, hand cleaners, air care products, and “green” formulations.  Also, our in-house process, packaging, and industrial engineers will help design our contract manufacturing process to ensure maximum efficiency and quality.

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Want to work in a fast paced manufacturing environment?

Want to work in a fast paced manufacturing environment?